Registration form for International workshop in Prague
20th–24th February 2019

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*The workshop is only open for members & registered participants. In accordance with Article 6 paragraph 1 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) , I agree that the Taoist Tai Chi Society in the Czech Republic, Haštalská511, Praha 1, 110 00 (hereinafter referred to as the Controller) will process my personal data to the extent (name, surname, year of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail) for the purpose of registration at the International Workshop in Prague held on 20-24 February 2019 for the period necessary for the fulfillment of the administrative acts no later than 31.12.2019. Any withdrawal of consent will be made on the basis of my written notice to the Controller.
*I agree to use group photos with me taken during the workshop for marketing purposes on posters and website.


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If you register later than 15th January, we can not guarantee accommodation.

The accommodation capacity at the Hotel Cechie and the Florenc Hostel was exhausted. You can try to arrange accommodation yourself or use the possibility of sleeping in our Clubhouse STTC on Haštalská street. We are trying to find another accommodation option for you, but we can not guarantee anything.

Tue 2019-02-19 / Wen 2019-02-20
Wen 2019-02-20 / Thu 2019-02-21
Thu 2019-02-21 / Fri 2019-02-22
Fri 2019-02-22 / Sat 2019-02-23
Sat 2019-02-23 / Sun 2019-02-24
reserve parking place (paid directly in ho(s)tel)


Special diet – for health reasons only!




Your registration will be confirmed. If you don't receive the confirmation within 7 days, please contact us again!
Please be sure to submit your registration by 15th January, especially if you need accommodation. In case of late registration, we cannot guarantee price and place of accommodation. If you are unable to attend the IWS, please inform us as soon as possible. In case of late cancellation of registration, payment for room and food will be required.
Czech members, please pay exclusively in Kč (CZK).
Foreign members, please pay the WS contribution and any other fee in Euros (EUR). If you choose to pay in Czech crowns (CZK), then please all the charges.
All fees must be paid in cash at registration prior to the start of the workshop. Please pay with the exact amount.
Please bring with you your membership card. See the information sheet for more detailed information.